About Are G. Busy
Rashard Goins doesn't have the typical “DJ origin story”.  You often hear DJ's wax nostalgically about digging through (and sometimes destroying parts of) their parents' record collections during their formative years; falling in love with the influential sounds of the 60's and 70's or wanting to scratch like Jam Master Jay.  As a child growing up in Baltimore, MD, Rashard was more likely to be found watching cartoons than scratching his older sister’s copy of King of Rock on the family record player.  And while he was exposed to groups such as The Whispers, Parliament, and The Temptations through his stepfather, he was generally more concerned with why these guys were always showing so much chest hair on their album covers.
Rashard’s formal musical education began in the Baltimore City College band room during the mid-to-late 90’s.  As a trumpet player and music student, he was introduced to a wealth of musicians and genres he was hitherto unaware of.  He was intrigued by how the contemporary popular music of the time was influenced by jazz, soul, and funk - a curiosity that became the catalyst for a life of music appreciation.
Over the next decade, Rashard collected and casually studied songs.  He found himself fascinated by the creative elements of music and was always eager to talk about and share tunes.  It wasn’t until early 2010 that he did what any highly motivated nearly-30 late blooming music fan with an eclectic taste, a few thousand songs, and a couple of hours a day would do – he taught himself to how to be a DJ. 
And he's stayed busy ever since.
Priding himself on professionalism, versatility, variety, and musicality, Rashard has built a gig portfolio as diverse as his music library.  Specializing in Old School and Contemporary Hip-Hop and R&B, Pop, Top 40, House, Dance, Funk, and Soul but competent in many other genres, he’s provided professional-quality DJ services for:
  • Birthday parties at nearly every milestone age
  • Weddings
  • Charity events
  • Church functions
  • Fundraisers
  • Retail grand openings
  • Cookouts
  • House Parties
  • Business launches
  • Athletic competitions
  • and more...
When not working events, Rashard can be found actively searching for new sounds and different methods of honing his craft. To that effect, he is currently studying both piano and music theory with the goals of incorporating keyboard elements into his sets as well as producing original music.