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"The Grab Bag BusyMix Vol. 1"

No theme - just songs picked within the flow of the mix. Happy listening.
"The Groove: A BusyMix"

Just a quick mix I threw together after being inspired by some good "grooves" I had on while working. Enjoy.
"Live BusyMix Vol. 1"

This is the first mix where I didn't go back and remaster, clean up sloppy transitions, or re-record anything - nor did I pre-plan the set beforehand. I'm trying to work on my live mixing skills so I'm posting this mix as-is. I hope you enjoy. Remember, it's a little rough. I'll be sure to get that worked out in future mixes. Happy listening.
"The 40 & Over Club Card BusyMix"

They simply made higher quality music back in the day. There's no denying that. I dream of the day when we get more music like this from our mainstream artists. And did you know there is a subgenre of music called "Jheri Curl Soul"? I'll be laughing at that for weeks.

I will say this - beatmatching these songs is a PAIN. Live instruments and, more importantly, live drummers keep the tempos fluctuating. This is why you'll hear more hard cuts than blends in this mix. Enjoy.
"The Neptunes BusyMix Vol. 1"
(I Call it ' For Real' Cuz it's the Truth)

Here's the second mix. I put a ton of work into this one and really enjoyed making it. I hope you enjoy listening to it just as much.

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
"90's Hip-Hop + R&B BusyMix Vol. 1"

This is the first mix I'm sharing with the world, and just my third mix overall. I sincerely hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave any comments or constructive criticism. I'm really looking to improve as I get more experience under my belt.