Contemporary Hip-Hop and R&B Mixes
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"The Ladies of Hip Hop: A BusyMix"

A quick look back to the days when we had legitimate female MC's.

Added: 1/26/14
"The Neptunes BusyMix Vol. 1"
(I Call it ' For Real' Cuz it's the Truth)

Here's the second mix. I put a ton of work into this one and really enjoyed making it. I hope you enjoy listening to it just as much.

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"The Neptunes BusyMix Vol. II"
(We Got Another One Fa Real!)

The response to the first Neptunes mix has been so overwhelmingly positive, and these two musical geniuses have such a prolific body of work that I just had to do it again...and I STILL left a lot of tracks out. Look out for Neptunes III next year. As always, thank you and happy listening.

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"The Nasty Nas BusyMix"

In light of the legendary Nasir Jones' recent (dope) release "Life is Good", I felt compelled to put together a mix of some of my favorites. Enjoy.

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"The Grab Bag BusyMix Vol. 1"

No theme - just songs picked within the flow of the mix. Happy listening.
"The Groove: A BusyMix"

Just a quick mix I threw together after being inspired by some good "grooves" I had on while working. Enjoy.
"Yeezy Taught Me (A BusyMix)"

Being somewhat disappointed with "Yeezus" (and "contemporary" Kanye in general), I felt it would be a good idea to go through Mr. West's prolific production credits and see what I could come up with. Keep in mind that these are not "Kanye songs", these are songs produced by him. Enjoy.

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"The Alphabet Mixes Vol. 1: 'A' "

Here it is, Vol 1. of what will be a (highly unlikely) 26-part series of mixes. If you haven't deduced from the song titles, the "A-Mix" is brought to you by the letter "A". I have a congratulatory back on the back ready for anyone who can tell me what Vol. 2 will focus on.

I'm doing this as a way to break up the monotony of mixing strictly by genre, artist, tempo, etc. I wanted to approach the music selection from a different perspective. It might be odd in places, but I'm sure I can iron out the wrinkles by Vol. long as I can find good songs that start with "X".

"The Totally Random R&B BusyMix"

The name speaks for itself.
"Live BusyMix Vol. 1"

This is the first mix where I didn't go back and remaster, clean up sloppy transitions, or re-record anything - nor did I pre-plan the set beforehand. I'm trying to work on my live mixing skills so I'm posting this mix as-is. I hope you enjoy. Remember, it's a little rough. I'll be sure to get that worked out in future mixes. Happy listening.