Old School/Classics Mixes
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"The 40 & Over Club Card BusyMix"

They simply made higher quality music back in the day. There's no denying that. I dream of the day when we get more music like this from our mainstream artists. And did you know there is a subgenre of music called "Jheri Curl Soul"? I'll be laughing at that for weeks.

I will say this - beatmatching these songs is a PAIN. Live instruments and, more importantly, live drummers keep the tempos fluctuating. This is why you'll hear more hard cuts than blends in this mix. Enjoy.

"90's Hip-Hop + R&B BusyMix Vol. 1"

This is the first mix I'm sharing with the world, and just my third mix overall. I sincerely hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave any comments or constructive criticism. I'm really looking to improve as I get more experience under my belt.